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We are proud to announce that Spot has won the
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2023 Primex Expo, sponsored by AMPC
(Australian Meat Processor Corporation)

Autonomous Factory Inspections

Spot does Autonomous Factory Inspections, looking for any Equipment Faults and Safety Risks.
Spot can find Gas and Air leaks as well as Thermal Anomalies in Electrical Panels or Processing Equipment.
Spot uses state of the art Thermal and Acoustic Imaging Systems as well as Gas Detectors for dangerous gases such as Ammonia.

Reliable Daily Reports

Spot inspects the Factory daily and sends the Reports direct to Management and Maintenance immediately when issues are discovered. Maintenance can then fix these issues before they become a danger or a costly disaster.


TME Systems are the Distributor or
Integrator of the following Products

Smooth Robotics

Smooth Robotics product is the SmoothTool which is a welding package for Universal Robots, that enables advanced welding functionality via an intuitive no-code programming software and easy-to-use programming flange.
This flexible Cobot welding solution is helping our customers improve their productivity and onsite safety for the employees.
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Universal Robots

UR are one of the leaders in collaborative robots that automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes. This approach enables production departments to assign staff members to more enjoyable tasks – creating jobs that provide them with new challenges and add value to the company. 
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ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics is a pioneer in robotics, machine automation and digital services, providing innovative solutions for a diverse range of industries, from automotive to electronics to logistics.
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With the dawn of smarter, more adaptive tooling, robots can now function with greater speed, strength, safety and precision, accomplishing a wide range of tasks, while maximising ROI. 
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Aim Robotics

Dispensing Made Simple™
Aim Robotics tools are truly Plug&Dispense fast to install and easy to set up.
Electric Process Control ensures highest repeatability on the market.
All of this results in 10x faster deployment and zero headaches.
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Form-fitting FLEX-Clamp jaws. Can be used as a support system, flexible molding post, and for the connection to a robot gripper. Automated with compressed air. Adapts to any contour. MATRIX® automation offers you a revolutionary clamping system solution for a flexible flow of material as well as for the batch production of one piece.
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Fynbo Technology

Fynbo Technology stands for providing fully-automated and simple machine tending and clamping solutions for manufacturers. Take a look at our cases, they speak for themselves.
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The Wingman from Triple A Robotics is a fully automatic Tool Changer with integrated Electrical and Pneumatic connections.
This will allow your Cobot to use more tools in a continuous process for more output.
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Schmalz is now the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions. Ranging from suction pads, vacuum cups to special grippers and a range of vacuum generators.
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RoboDK Robot Simulator

RoboDK (Robot Software Develpment Kit) is a full simulation package that will let you Simulate Robot Projects and then conver them in to Robot Code for a vast range of Robot System. We can produce simulations for you or sell you a License for the Software.
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Ready Robotics Forge OS5

Intuitive, No Code Robot Programming.
A conversational, drag-and-drop programming interface enables anyone on the manufacturing floor to program robots, and any manufacturer to deploy automation. No experience necessary. No coding. 
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Neura Robotics

Neura Robots are German designed Cognitive and Collaborative Robots with the most advanced technology on the market today, including built in 3D Camera systems and AI to analyse objects and work with them.
Neura also offer a fully autonomous AGV with a payload capacity of 1500kg.
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Nordbo Robotics

Mimic is a position sensing technology-centric platform for a wide range of applications: from a point teaching for inspections or pick & place applications to highly complex and smooth robot movements for painting and dispensing.
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Olis Robotics

Remote error recovery for UR cobots is here!
Olis Connect is the only plug & play product for remote monitoring and error recovery of UR cobots.
It lets you run a wide range of processes unattended — while having a recovery plan in place.
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Halcon Vision

MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision with an integrated development environment (HDevelop) that is used worldwide. It enables cost savings and improved time to market.
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Solomon 3D

The leader in Machine and Robotics Vision processing, Solomon 3D provide solutions utilising AI for 3D Vision, Deep Learning and Motion Planning.
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Packed with a rich range of features, the OneStick gives you total control over the robot's motion with the use of hand gestures and input buttons.
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Beckhoff Automation

The Beckhoff “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open PC control and automation solutions that are used worldwide in a wide variety of different applications in Automation and Robotics.
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Austrian based Manufacturer of specialised Conveyor technology, Tailor-made to your application needs, including modular Profile System to build any configuration you require as well as Linear Actuator Systems.
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Pudu Robotics

This is our range of Autonomous Service Robots, they include Disinfection, Delivery, Dish Collection and Advertising Models. Suitable and safe for all Industries requiring sanitation and delivery of food and medication such as Hospitals, Medical Practices, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Schools and others. 
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Knowing paper better with Emco measurement technology
Since 1992, the family-owned company Emco GmbH has been offering innovative products and services in the field of paper testing for paper production and paper processing.
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Slip Rings - Electrical Rotating Connectors

USA based Manufacturer of low noise and low resistance compact Mercury Conductor Slip Rings from 1 to 8 Channels.

USA based Manufacturer of low noise and low resistance customisable Mercury Conductor Slip Rings for high current and higher number of conductors.


UK based Manufacturer of high quality Slip Rings for the Wind Turbine and Water Treatment Industries.

China based Manufacturer of a large range of high quality standard Slip Rings as well as customised Slip Rings including FORJs (Fibre Optic Rotary Joints)



24/7 Service

We provide a 24/7 Breakdown Service for all Industrial Robotics, Automation, Electrical and Electronics.

System Integration

Full Turnkey Systems. Design, Build, Install and Commission any Robotic and Automation Project.


We program systems for End Users as well as other Integrators on Robots, PLCs, HMIs, SCADA, Vision, Embedded, SQL, iOS and Android.


Our fully licensed Electricians are highly experienced with Industrial Electrical Installations and Service.

Safety Systems

To keep your Team safe we Design and build Safety Systems for your Robot Cells and Automation Machinery.

Plant Relocation

Electrical disconnection and reconnection. Robot and PLC commissioning. Mechanical and Transportation.


Preventative Maintenance is often overlooked. We can help you come up with a plan that suits you and your equipment.

Panel Building

We design and build or build of your design, any size Control and Distribution Panels including all parts sourcing if required.

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